Discipline Rules & Procedures


In most cases, behavior can be playfully redirected as students are reminded to stay on task and be respectful to others and themselves.  In all discipline situations, we want to encourage students to think about how they are thinking, encourage them to make good choices, and take responsibility for their own behavior.  In every discipline opportunity that arises, it is our goal to connect with that student, identify the trigger, and walk through how to self-regulate.  Above all, we want our students to feel understood and loved.

Note:  Kids’ Club has zero tolerance for hitting, kicking, or physical violence of any kind, regardless of “who starts it”.  If a child puts their hands or feet on another child in any unloving way, they will be sent home from Kids’ Club immediately.

Connection STEPS:

Step 1:  Redirection with a Smile

A redirection statement is given to a student to encourage a behavior or choice change.  Redirections are given when a student is off task, too loud, not following directions, being disrespectful, etc. 80% of behavior can be redirected with this step.  No documentation is required, and students can carry on as normal if redirection is successful.

Step 2:  Two Choices/Re Do

If a student’s behavior continues after a redirection has been given, he/she has the option between two choices that are equally appealing to both student and adult, or may request a “Re-do.”  If step 2 is successful, no documentation is needed, and the student may continue with normal activities.

Step 3:  Connection

If a student’s behavior continues after steps 1 and 2 have been completed, the student will pair up with a staff member for a connecting time.  Students can have time to decompress and calm down using various self-directed calming (regulating) techniques.  When ready, students can talk with the staff member about what happened, discover what triggered the behavior (if possible), what not to do, and what to do next time, and then practice. Students may return to their group when Step 3 is completed successfully.  Staff will document the Connection time and will communicate to parents as soon as possible how the student was able to successfully connect and regulate.

Step 4:  Home

If a student is not able to successfully connect at Kids’ Club, a staff member will contact parents to pick up the student, so he/she can decompress at home. Kids’ Club staff respectfully requests parents to follow up with staff on how the student was able to successfully decompress at home and how KC staff can better meet their child’s needs should the situation repeat. The student is welcome to return to Kids’ Club the following program day.    

If a pattern in the child’s inability to connect forms, an additional parent meeting may be requested to discuss how to best meet the needs of the student.