Note: Registrations are only accepted after a Recommendation Form is submitted to Kids’ Club by your child’s teacher, counselor, or principal. Please inquire at your child’s school to begin this process.

Kids’ Club staff members will be in contact with families of potential students as schools recommend and as positions in your child’s grade become available at Kids’ Club. After being contacted by a Kids’ Club staff member, parents/guardians must complete and return a registration packet prior to your child’s full acceptance and participation in the program. Positions are limited, and are first-come, first-served.

Recommendation Process:

  1. A parent/guardian can request that their child’s teacher, counselor or principal consider their child for recommendation to Kids’ Club. Or the school staff might submit a recommendation form to Kids’ Club.  This DOES NOT guarantee a position at Kids’ Club.
  2. ONLY at a NBISD school, the school staff will request a parent/guardian complete & return the “Parent Permission for Recommendation” form in English or Español to the school.
  3. Your child’s school staff will consider recommendation for Kids’ Club.
  4. If a position & scholarship are available, Kids’ Club staff will evaluate the recommendation and then contact the parent/guardian to complete & return a Registration Packet to the Kids’ Club office.
  5. Read the Kids’ Club Registration Important Parent Information form in English or Español
  6. Receive your child’s Welcome Packet and materials
  7. A staff member will call to confirm the start date for your child, if a position is available.

Note: It is important that Kids’ Club maintains current contact information on file for you and your family in the event of an emergency. Please notify us as changes take place.